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lazer fx-lazertag of Charleston, sc

Opening in the fall of 2013


south Carolina's  fastest Indoor electric carts, 

South Carolina's largest multi level lazertag arena, 

video arcade, rock climbing, Speedway Bounce,

 batting cages, water wars,

planet pizza buffet & speedway spirits

Lazer FX Speedway

Experience real head-to-head racing at Lazer FX Speedway and discover why indoor karting is the fastest-growing sport in the United States. If you think this is kids play...well, think again! Our high-performance European karts are capable of 45 mph, and that seems extremely fast when you are sitting just one inch off of the ground trying to navigate a 1/4-mile road course! Lazer FX Speedway has invested over $2 million in the latest go kart technology to combat the environmental problems caused by running traditional gas engines indoors. Ultimately our development team created the world's best electric kart known as the Formula FX Pro Kart, and nothing else compares! From a competition standpoint, our high-performance electric karts accelerate quicker and handle better than any other indoor competition kart on the planet, and you will only find them at Lazer FX Speedway! We also have junior karts for kids, and you only need to be 48" tall to race. Best of all, the action takes place inside our comfortable state-of-the-art climate-controlled facilities and there are no smelly fumes! The end result is North America's best motorsports entertainment venue, and nowhere else can you find the adrenalin rush created by this type of side-by-side race action. It is so good that it's been called the ultimate indoor entertainment, and all of our tracks are open seven days a week. We only close for Christmas (except Vegas) and private events, and you can check availability online by clicking on the calendar link at the track of your choice.

We welcome everyone, from walk-in racers who want to race family, friends and other customers, to private groups both small and large. Lazer FX Speedway caters to corporate events, team building programs, birthday and bachelor parties, new product launches, training seminars, meetings and other special occasions. We have seven similar tracks, two in southern California (serving Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, and San Diego Counties plus the entire Inland Empire), Dallas, Oklahoma, two in Nevada and one in Jersey City (serving New York City and New Jersey) with others planned throughout North America. In fact Lazer FX., the company who franchises Lazer FX Speedway, is currently working to create a network of 20-plus tracks.

Indoor Karting

Indoor karting is probably the closest thing to real racing that most people will ever experience. After every race, each racer is given a Race Time™ that allows the driver to check a wide range of race statistics. The unique Race Time™ computer program can only be found at Lazer FX Speedway. It also allows competitors to view lap times and race position in real-time during each and every race on a 10-foot-wide television screen. What is even better is the fact that you can go online to view your results as well as the top times of the day, week, and month. Lazer FX Speedway also offers a wide variety of race formats and the typical race lasts about 8-10 minutes. We also offer group event packages that come in two- and three-race formats known as our Lazer FX Challenge and Grand Prix respectively. See you at the races!

How the electric go kart changed the sport

The popularity of indoor racing dramatically increased with the creation of the electric kart around the start of the new millennium. Engineers working on hundred-million-dollar electric-vehicle projects for the automotive industry had figured out how to make more power out of compact motors. Simultaneously, battery packs were getting smaller and more potent, and the electronics were getting more high-tech and durable. The early days of indoor go kart racing were hampered by exhaust from the four-stroke engines that powered what was otherwise a well-built chassis. The carbon-monoxide output in a confined space basically limited the audience to mostly teenagers and young men. The rest of the family typically stayed away from the tracks because the exhaust is impossible to eliminate. Let’s face it – only a rare breed tolerates the odor and doesn’t mind being subjected to the potential health concerns. Indoor tracks that use gas-powered go karts are normally required by law to use giant fans to vent out the unhealthy air; this generally makes it next to impossible to incorporate creature comforts for the participants such as air-conditioning and heating. It is the introduction of these comfort elements that has made go kart racing incredibly popular with corporate team-building events and private parties. It has also totally changed the image of indoor karting into a respectable sport that has wide-range appeal.

Fact is, the fleet of electric karts used at Lazer FX Speedway costs about three times as much as a comparable fleet of gas karts, but we know that it is worth every penny. This allows racers to compete in the comfort of a climate-controlled indoor race track with the most-competitive go karts in the world.

Now, critics have argued that electric karts are heavier, and that is true. But the electric karts also produce the equivalent of 18 horsepower compared to the 6.5-horsepower created by the average gas kart used for indoor competition. Electric motors also create more torque, which is the strength of the motor. This is why electric karts accelerate quicker than their gas-powered kin, making the weight argument a moot point. Interestingly enough, the most powerful trucks and trains in the world are actually electric powered. They use on-board gas engines to power generators that run electric motors. In fact, the world’s fastest electric motorcycle has run the quarter mile in 7.890 seconds with a top speed of 174.05mph! Even more impressive is the fact that the world’s fastest electric car has traveled 321.834mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats during the S.C.T.A. World Finals! As you know, electric vehicles are already on the road today and there is a heavy push by government and environmental agencies to make them the wave of the future. No wonder why so many research and development dollars are being spent on this technology around the world!

From a tuning standpoint, electric motors are also much easier to maintain and keep consistent. The biggest challenge with small gas engines lays in the carburetor. The carburetor uses a series of tiny parts (usually made out of brass) called “jets” to control the proper air/fuel mixture. The opening on some “jets” can be as small as the eye of a needle, and they can become easily clogged by the very gas that feeds the engine. The small gas-powered motors struggle and loose performance when this happens. This is why there are so many commercials on TV that talk about engine cleaning problems. They tend to hiccup, sputter and cough, which takes away from the racing experience. Now, the quick fix is to externally try to adjust the idle screw on the go kart carburetor, but this really is not a cure. There are several different air/fuel circuits in the carburetor that control bottom-end, midrange and top-end power, and they all have to be working properly to maximize power. Remember, if the TV commercials are touting how clogged intake components can hurt your 250-300 horsepower family car, imagine what they can do to a 6.5 horsepower go kart engine!

Adjustability is another area where electric engines outperform their gas-powered counterparts. Using a hand-held computer called the K1 controller, we can fine-tune our FX karts to control a wide range of power characteristics. Our technicians can adjust everything from throttle response and sensitivity, to power output through the entire rpm range, and even top speed. More importantly, the technicians can do this in a matter of seconds without any guess work!

The goal at Lazer FX Speedway is to maintain the most-consistent fleet of karts on the market so that every racer has the same opportunity to post their best possible lap time. After all, no one likes to go to a kart track where there is a chance of getting a slow kart! While gas karts can vary from kart to kart by as much as two or even three seconds a lap, the electric karts can easily be kept within tenths of a second from one another. We also conduct regular test sessions with our top drivers, which is done under the supervision of master driver chief of indoor kart race experience. This means that you should be able to race competitively each and every time you drive one of our high-performance adult or kid karts.

All of the information above is why most industry experts expect gas-powered go karts to be extinct in the next few years as far as indoor karting is concerned.

Better by race track by design

Another item that has made indoor karting more attractive to a wider range of individuals has been advances in race track surface preparation and the overall physical size of the facility. In the past, companies have created “slick tracks” using polished concrete or asphalt so they could tout “a real racing surface” in their advertising. This may sound important, but too much tire grip actually hurts the overall indoor karting experience. If karts are not able to slide around a little bit on the surface, then it’s difficult to differentiate between a good and bad driver. Too much grip takes away the talent aspect of driving, and allows most everyone to drive around at the same speed, kind of like at an amusement park kart track. And while “slick tracks” can be fun in moderation, they require a specific technique to master, and that can take hundreds of hours to learn. The polished concrete surface also slows the speed of the karts and tends to cause drivers to loose control more often.

In contrast, Lazer FX Speedway worked with a team of highly trained professionals to develop a track surface that is in between the “slick tracks” and asphalt tracks of the past.  The goal was to create a surface that is fun for an entry-level driver and yet challenging for the seasoned professional. It’s a surface that has received a stamp of approval from NASCAR drivers, Supercross Champions, along with X-Games drivers.

We have taken this surface preparation technique into some of the world’s largest karting venues. Lazer FX Speedway uses oversize buildings that are as large as 45,000 square feet (about 1.5 covered acres). This allows for tracks that are wide, fast and with plenty of opportunities for experienced drivers to use their passing techniques. After all, we allow up to 13 karts on the track at one time at some of our facilities.

Lazer FX Speedway’s mechanics have also spent the last six years fine-tuning kart setup on this racing surface to maximize the overall racing experience. We combine that with a high-tech timing & scoring system called Race Time™ that provides all racers with a score sheet immediately after their races. Race Time™ shows the racer’s times for every lap, an average lap time, and position in the race. The Race Time™ program also displays live scoring on a giant 10’ x 12’ television screen that is visible from the driver’s seat during the race. Most importantly, it shows who got the fast lap for bragging rights! We also change the course configuration several times a year to make it more challenging and to provide diversity. The end result is perhaps the closest thing to real racing that most people will experience in their lifetime.

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Annual Memberships- Annual membership packages are available and offer dedicated fans of Lazer FX such amenities as game discounts, role player identities, access to Members Only Database with score and game histories, Tuesday Night League Program entry, Lord of the Rings competitions, Members Only Secured Access Lock-Ins and more. See our Benefits of Membership area for more information.

Age Restrictions:

Guests must be at least 4 years old to play Lazer FX-Lazer Tag.

What to Wear ?

Although running is not permitted, comfortable shoes or sneakers are recommended. Light colored clothing will "glow" in the UV (blacklight) lighting, and many successful players choose to dress completely in black to reduce to chances of becoming open targets. Men's athletic type t-shirts are prohibited. Footwear: open-toed and backless sandals are prohibited as are ladies platform and high-heeled shoes.

Voice Mail:
While we open later in the day weekdays during non-summer months, we are always around the facility. We try to answer every telephone call during the day, even before we open, because we know that everybody hates voice mail. For this reason, we have made our voice mail very entertaining, filled with enthusiasm and valuable information. For those painfully impatient among you, just hit the # key as soon as the voice mail starts and you can leave an immediate message. If you do get voice mail, it's because we are assisting another devoted customer whose needs are also very important . WE ALWAYS RETURN TELEPHONE CALLS, so no making up tales that we never called you back.


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