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Lazer FX-Lazertag  charlotte, nC

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lazer fx-lazertag of charlotte, nc

Opening in the summer of 2014

is currently under planned construction


please vist our fayetteville, nc location

for the award winning lazer tag

fayetteville,  nc


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Annual Memberships- Annual membership packages are available and offer dedicated fans of Lazer FX such amenities as game discounts, role player identities, access to Members Only Database with score and game histories, Tuesday Night League Program entry, Lord of the Rings competitions, Members Only Secured Access Lock-Ins and more. See our Benefits of Membership area for more information.

Age Restrictions:

Guests must be at least 4 years old to play Lazer FX-Lazer Tag.

What to Wear ?

Although running is not permitted, comfortable shoes or sneakers are recommended. Light colored clothing will "glow" in the UV (blacklight) lighting, and many successful players choose to dress completely in black to reduce to chances of becoming open targets. Men's athletic type t-shirts are prohibited. Footwear: open-toed and backless sandals are prohibited as are ladies platform and high-heeled shoes.

Voice Mail:
While we open later in the day weekdays during non-summer months, we are always around the facility. We try to answer every telephone call during the day, even before we open, because we know that everybody hates voice mail. For this reason, we have made our voice mail very entertaining, filled with enthusiasm and valuable information. For those painfully impatient among you, just hit the # key as soon as the voice mail starts and you can leave an immediate message. If you do get voice mail, it's because we are assisting another devoted customer whose needs are also very important . WE ALWAYS RETURN TELEPHONE CALLS, so no making up tales that we never called you back.


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